Are you searching and trying to know what time Chime mobile deposit hit?, this article will provide you with the time and all you need to know about Chime mobile deposit.

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Chime bank is a mobile peer-to-peer network that facilitates fast transactions and payments using the Chime mobile application. In other to start enjoying the seamless transaction on the chime Mobile bank you need to have a working Chime account.

Chime has lots of advantages when you are using it to make a transaction, and also it provides you with a safe and secure platform where you can save your funds for future use.

Many people are now moving away from traditional banks to Chime mobile banks because of how fast Chime banks are at deposit approval. As advertised by Chime bank, they are one of the banks that are fast with deposit approvals. That is you can receive your funds before your payday arrives.

What Time Does Chime Mobile Deposit Hit

If you are the type of person that doesn’t wants your deposit to be delayed, then going with Chime bank will help you in long run.

How Does Chime Mobile Check Deposit Work

Chime mobile check deposit allows you to deposit checks or funds to your saving account without the need of going to the bank to make the transactions. This means that from your bedroom you can deposit funds into your account at any time.

This effortless service offered by Chime bank is one of the reasons many people are avoiding their traditional banks right now. The deposit can be made to your chime bank saving account at any point in time with your ATM and cheque.

The type of checks that is acceptable for a deposit on Chime includes Cashier checks, government-issued checks, tax refund checks, and stimulus checks.

What Time Does Chime Mobile Deposit Hit

The time for the mobile deposit to hit your Chime account is not static. The time before the deposit hit your Chime account is based on many factors which makes determining the exact time for each day very difficult.

However, normally Chime mobile deposit hit 9 AM EST. Your deposit could come earlier than this time which happens when your bank is fast with deposit approvals and it may come late when they are slow with approval.

List Of Cash Advance Apps That Works With Chime

Some deposits may take as far as 2-10 business days before your deposit hit your Chime account. While others may take less than an hour before your deposit hit your account.

Why Is My Direct Deposit Late

Your deposit could be delayed due to many reasons. It could be a technical error from your employer or payroll provider and make sure they have your correct Chime account number and routing number.

Your direct deposit can also be late when your employer didn’t deposit on time or he deposited during the weekends, this could also possibly delay your deposit.

Does Chime deposit on weekends

Chime Banks Doesn’t work on Weekends. All pending transactions accumulated during the weekends are sought out on the next business day.

Can I deposit a check at an ATM with Chime?

Chime doesn’t accept ATMs deposit. However, you can deposit checks at retailers like Walgreens. This may cause you some charges due to the use of the third-party payment system.

What Time Does Chime Release Mobile Deposit

Chime instantly releases a mobile deposit once the system has confirmed the transaction. However, it may take as long as 1 business day for Chime to release the mobile deposit.


Chime offers free and fast mobile transactions. When the transaction is confirmed your deposit will hit your Chime account. Each day has time that mobile deposit hit and which is 9 AM EST for all days and the next business days for pending transactions in the weekends.


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