In this article we will provide you with the complete guides and steps on how to block someone on Zelle.

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Zelle is one of the popular per to per mobile transactions apps that facilitate the easy and safe transfer from one bank to thee other.

Zelle is fully backed by over 30 banks in the United State which shows how powerful the mobile transaction app is. Online payment and mobile check deposits have been made easy by the Zelle mobile app.

Zelle is developed in a way that makes sure any security threats to the user of the platform should be dully addressed.

Some fraudulent activities that are widely recorded on Zelle are unknown contact or person requesting funds through the money request feature provided on the Zelle app.

Does Navy Federal Use Zelle

This feature allows anyone that have access to your Zelle account contact and email address to be disturbing you with the money request options. This acts is described as fraudulent acts because they can easily trick you into sending money to a person you don’t know or anything to do with.

Once you fall victim to this type of trick, it will be very hard for you to retrieve your funds back if you have successfully released them.

To prevent yourself from always getting this money request from people you don’t know, stop sharing your contact to people you don’t know and as well beware of any online activities that will request your details as this is one of the places they get people from.

In other to combat this type of issue, you need to block the person completely which will prevent such a person from requesting money from you on Zelle.

However, below is the complete guide on How To Block Someone On Zelle

How To Block Someone On Zelle

Below is the complete steps on How to block someone on Zelle:

  • Launch the Zelle mobile app on your device. Make sure the have the latest version of the application to avoid having any issues.
  • On your Zelle dashboard, click on Setting.
  • Then, click on privacy setting.
  • Click on Block Request. This will provide you with the list of contact on your Zelle, then choose the contact you want to block on Zelle.
  • A confirmation popup will appear on your screen and once you click accept, your block request will be accepted.

If you block some on Zelle, it will be hard for you to receive funds or send funds to the person except when you have unblocked the person.

How Do I Block Someone On Zelle Wells Fargo

With your Wells Fargo mobile application you can block someone on Zelle. If your Zelle account is linked to your Wells Fargo, it will be very easy for you to go about it.

Below is the steps on how to block someone on Zelle with Wells Fargo mobile app:

  1. lunch your Wells Fargo mobile app on your device.
  2. Navigate to the Online Banking options on your Wells Fargo mobile application.
  3. Click on Payments and Receivables.
  4. Go to Account Transfer.
  5. Click on Zelle Manage Recipients.
  6. Search for the recipient you want to delete on the list of the recipient available.
  7. Next to the details, select Delete.
  8. A confirmation message will appear.
  9. Once you confirm, the recipient will be completely blocked.

How To Avoid Common Scam On Zelle

They are lots of scam activities going on Zelle as such one need to wash out to prevent himself from being scammed. Below are some of the tips on how to prevent being scammed o zelle:

  • Avoid sending money to any contact you don’t know.
  • Don’t make payment to someone who trying to force you to use Zelle.
  • Any money request from someone you don’t know should be declined to avoid being scammed.


Constant money request from someone you don’t know is very frustrating and is also a red flag for criminal activities.

If after blocking some one and you are till receiving money request, it will be safe o report the person at your bank for proper treatment. Your bank will help you deal with it.


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