If you have a Discover card and you want to use it with Afterpay, but you are not sure whether Afterpay accept discover, this article will provide you with all you need.

What Is Afterpay and How Does It Work

Afterpay is one of the leading buy now and pay later platform that allows you to buy any goods you want and make payment later.

The Afterpay scheme was said to be own by a group of immigrant in US and the service is only available in few countries like the United states, Australia, Canada and New Zealand.

After pay works by allowing you to purchase any goods that are listed on the Afterpay website without making payment instantly.

Payment is made based on the term of service you choose to make the payment.

Does Klarna Accept Chime For Payment

If your choose the 14 days payment invoice, you will make payment for your goods bought after 14 days this will give you a great time to experience the goods before making payments.

Payments are done automatically that is the amount will be deducted from your card that is linked to your Afterpay account.

What Kind Of Cards Does Afterpay Accept

Afterpay accepts all credit card that is issued by major banks. This means that you can link your MasterCard, Visa Card, American Express Card, and other cards to make payments on Aftepay.

An exception is a prepaid card. Afterpay does not accept any type of prepaid card for making payments on the platform. If you have a prepaid card and you want to make a transaction on Afterpay it won’t work for you unless you use a normal card.

Does Afterpay Accept Discover

Discover is one of the leading credit unions that offers banking services online. Among the service offered by Discover is the issuing of Credit cards, personal loans, checking, saving, and others.

However, the Discover card issued by Discover is not accepted on Afterpay for making transactions.

The reasons for the decline of the Discover card were not made out but they are chances that soon it can be used to make payments on Afterpay.

Can I use Apple Pay for Afterpay?

In 2021, Afterpay have announced that they are now accepting Apple Pay for making payments both online and in physical outlets.

So if you have Apple pay you can make payments with it on After Pay.

What is the limit on Afterpay

The amount you can get on Afterpay depends on your purchasing power on Afterpay and how often you’ve been using your account to make transactions. New accounts have fewer limits compared to older accounts.

However, the maximum transaction allowed in a month is $1,500 while the outstanding account limit is $2,000.

Does After Pay Affect Credit Score

AfterPay does not have any effect on your credit score. You can use Afterpay service even if your credit score is bad.

However, to have full access and unlimited transaction, making payments as at when due will increase your transaction limits.

What Stores Accept AfterPay

According to Afterpay, over 250,000 retail stores use Afterpay as a payment method. Some of the big shops that accept Afterpay are:





Victoria’s Secret

Saks Fifth Avenue






How Much Does AfterPay Take

Afterpay does not charge you for using their service to make payment for goods bought. That is you don’t pay any interest on any payment.

However, Afterpay charges merchants that list their goods on the Afterpay platform. According to Afterpay, they charge the merchant 4.17% on all sales made with the platform.


Afterpay does not accept discover cards for payment. You can use other credit cards to make payments on Afterpay like MasterCard, Visa Card, or American Express Card.



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