If you have a Walmart gift card and you are looking to redeem it or sell it for cash, then this article will guide you as to whether you can redeem your Walmart gift card to cash in your bank.

However, the straight answer is that it is not possible to convert or redeem your Walmart gift to cash on the Walmart website. 

This is simply because the Walmart website doesn’t redeem unused cards to  cash into your bank but you can use it to purchase foods and other things that are available on the Walmart store.

However, you can still redeem your Walmart gift card to cash but this involves the use of a third-party website. This third-party website is not linked to Walmart in any way.

They buy unused gift cards from people and the amount will be credited to your bank account.

Since this third-party website is in to make profits from the transaction, you won’t be credited the exact value of your gift cards. 

They are a popular third parties Gift card exchanging website that offers you a close amount for the value of your gift card and that is what we will be listing.

How To Turn Walmart Gift Card Into Cash

1. GameFlip

GameFlip is one of the websites where you can easily sell your unused Walmart gift card for cash. 

Aside from Walmart gift cards, you can also trade other popular gift cards like Xbos, Razer and Amazon for cash.

There are no hidden fees for making transactions on the GameFlip. 

2. GC Spread

GC spread connects you directly with your potential buyers. On GC spread, you list the gift card that you want to sell and the amount.

Once a buyer has an interest, he will offer to buy your gift card at the slated price and GS Spread will serve as an escrow to oversee the transactions.

However, to use this service, you must have attained 18 years.

3. Giftcardgranny 

Gift Granny is an online retail gift card dealer that sells gift cards to people at discount rates.

Aside from selling gift cards, they also buy gift cards from people. So that if you have unused gift cards, you can conveniently exchange the gift card for the money.

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Their services are considered to be good with good reviews on Trustpilot the leading site for reviews.

To begin with trading gift cards, you need to have an account with Gift Card Granny.

4. CardCash

CardCash helps you to convert your unused gift cards to cash. You have a chance of earning 92% of your gift card value.

You can get all gift cards at a discount price as well on CardCash.

The payment process is very fast once the validity of your gift card is confirmed.

If you don’t want cash, you can swap your gift card for another one which you can use to make transactions in any of the outlets.

On CardCash you can also earn some rewards when making transactions and when you refer your friends to trade on CardCash.

Can You Transfer Money From Walmart Gift Card To Cash App

It is not possible to transfer Walmart gift cards to your Cash App account. But you can sell your Walmart gift cards on any of the gift-selling websites and receive your payment into your Cash app account.


If you have an unused Walmart gift card you can easily sell it out on gift card exchanging platforms.

This website links you to real buyers who will offer you cash for your gift card and you transfer the total ownership of the card to the new buyer.


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