Walmart gift cards are one of the most popular gift cards that are used in purchasing foods, books and other things in the Walmart store.

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Walmart Gift cards comes in different values which can range from $5-$500

However, if you have a Walmart gift card and you want to exchange it for other cards like Visa cards or Amazon cards, you won’t be able to do this on the Walmart website.

Meanwhile, you can easily trade your Walmart gift cards for other gift cards using a third-party website.

These third-party websites are not in any way affiliated with Walmart or any of its trademarks. To make transactions on these websites you need to have a working and functioning account.

Most of these websites buys the gift cards directly from you and the amount will be credited to your account which you can further use to buy other gift cards. So, if you have a Walmart gift card, you can sell or exchange it for any gift card you want.

However, below is the list of the top trusted third-party platforms that allow the exchange of Walmart gift cards for other cards.

Apps/Website To Turn Walmart Gift Card Into Visa 

1. CardCash

CardCash allows you to conveniently swap your unused gift cards for another card. That is, you can exchange your Walmart gift card for Visa gift cards.

The CardCash needs to verify the authenticity of your cards and make sure it has not been used before, once the verification is done, you can choose from the list of available gift cards that you want to change your card to.

The transactions on this site are highly secured and only verified dealers can make transactions on the site.

2. Gift card Granny

Gift card Granny allows you to easily trade your gift cards. This site only buys your gift cards and credits you the equivalent amount of the gift cards to your account.

So, if you have a Walmart gift card and you want to exchange it for other cards, you can sell it on Gift Card Granny and purchase a new card from any of your favourite stores.

3. GC Spread

GC Spread is another popular website that buys unused gift cards of any type. This website allows you to conveniently sell your gift card for cash. 

You can trade popular gift cards like Walmart, Amazon, Apple and Google Play Store cards for cash which you can use to buy other gift cards either from stores or any of your favourite card outlets.

How To Turn Walmart Gift Card International Cash


GC spread offers almost 95% per cent of your gift card value which means you need to top up with a small amount to get a new gift card after selling the unused one.

4. GameFlip

GameFlip is one of the websites where you can easily sell your unused Walmart gift card for cash. 

GameFlip are widely trusted and have its outlet located in various location in the United state.

You can sell your cards online through their website or physically in any of their verified stores. Once the cards are confirmed to be valuable, the equivalent amount will be credited to you which you can easily use to get other gift cards.

Can I Buy A Gift Card With A Gift Card On Amazon

No, Amazon gift card can be only used to purchase goods and services that are available on Amazon stores. 

You can use your card to purchase other gift cards or prepaid cards.

However, you can sell your Amazon gift cards on popular gift card exchange platforms where you can use the money to buy a new gift card or load a prepaid card.

Can You Buy A Gift Card With A Visa Gift Card

Like Walmart and Amazon gift cards that doesn’t allows you to buy a gift card with unused gift cards, Visa gift card is also not an exception. If you have a Visa gift card, you can’t use it to buy other gift card.


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