Zelle is a mobile P2P financial application that facilitates the sending and receiving of money from friends and family.

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Zelle has enabled the moving of money very easy for people without needing them to carry huge cash. With Zelle, you can make payments in any store without needing to carry your credit card.

According to an announcement by Zelle, users transferred over $187 billion in 2019 which makes them one of the financial technology apps that have huge amounts of cash in circulation.

However, there are lots of scam activities going on on Zelle which makes people inquire as to whether it is safe to receive payment with Zelle. 

Despite Zelle’s having proven to be one of the safest payment gateways, there are still other people who use deceptive methods to extort money from people by phishing account of people to deceive you into making payments.

However, in this article, we will be discussing whether it is safe to receive funds from strangers on Zelle.

Is Zelle Safe To Receive Money From Strangers

In receiving payment from people, it only requires your Zelle email address. This does not expose any delicate information about you hence it is safe to receive money from strangers on Zelle.

However, sending money to strangers on Zelle is not considered to be safe, because there are lots of scams going on and one has to be careful when making payments to strangers using Zelle.

To steer clear of any scam, avoid sending money to people you don’t know or have interaction with. Only send money to people in your contacts.

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However, if you receive payment from someone you don’t know, you can report the transaction to the Zelle support team.

Can You Get Scammed If Someone Sends You Money

It is now possible to be scammed if someone sends you money on Zelle or another payment platform.

Scammers may use your email address and phone number to receive money from their victims and once the money comes into your account, they will contact you that the money was sent by mistake and will go on to request a refund into their account.

However, if the victim reports the case to his bank, you may likely face scam charges.

To be safe, report any inappropriate payment to the authority or the Zelle support team for help.

How Do I Avoid Getting Scammed On Zelle

  • Always add security checks to your financial mobile applications like Zelle, this will prevent unauthorised access to your account.
  • Always confirm cash requests from the person through phone calls or emails before sending any money because scammers can phish accounts to scam you.
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  • Only send money to people you know. Avoid sending to people you’ve barely met because there are lots of scam activities going on.
  • Do not give out your device to people you don’t know because they can easily get access to your Zelle account and start transferring funds.

Does Zelle Show Your Name When You Send Money

Yes, Zelle shows your full name which you used when creating a Zelle account anytime you make a payment with your account.

Your name will appear on the transaction details, thereby giving the recipient the hint of who is sending the money.

However, other P2P platforms only display your username, but Zelle shows both your username and full name in the transaction details.


In conclusion, Zelle can be a safe way to receive money from strangers if used properly.

Zelle has security measures in place to protect users, but there are still potential risks such as scams and fraud. To minimize these risks, it is important to follow best practices such as verifying the recipient’s identity and using Zelle only for legitimate transactions. Ultimately, it is up to the individual to decide if Zelle is the right choice for them based on their specific situation and level of comfort with the platform.



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