Cash App is one of the P2P payment apps that makes sending and receiving money easy for people.

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Over the years, Cash has developed lots of security checks to reduce the rate of scamming and theft when using the app.

One such security check is the cancellation of transactions for protection.

This could be very frustrating for new users of the Cash app especially when you want to make an urgent payment or transaction with your Cash app account.

However, these measures help to protect your funds when there is suspicious activity going on with your Cash app accounts.

In this article, we will show you how to avoid facing this type of security check or error ” Money Refunded For Protection” but let’s list some of the things that could cause these errors to pop up when you want to make a transaction with your cash app mobile application.

Why Does “Money Refunded For Protection” Occurs

Trying To Send Funds To An Unknown Cashtag

If you send money to an unknown Cash app tag, Cash app may likely revert the transactions because the new cash tag may look too suspicious.

Trying To Send Money After Changing Password

When you change your Cash app account password and you instantly want to send money, the Cash app may likely block the transaction for some periods.

Trying To Move Large Amount of Money 

If Cash app security noticed that you wants to send big amount of money than the usual amount, 

When You Signed Into A New Device

If you sign in to your Cash App account to a new device that is aside from the one you’ve been using to make transactions, you might also get a decline notification when trying to make transactions with your Cash App account.

Not Using Your Cash App Account For A Long Period

If you’ve not been using your Cash App account for some periods to build good health with your account, your transactions may likely be declined anytime you try to make a transaction with it.

Linking Unknown Credit Card Payments

When you add a new credit card to your Cash app account which is different from the one you’ve been using before, you can also face some security threats when making transactions with your Cash app account.

How To Resolve Cash App Money Refunded For Protection

Below is the list of things to do in order to resolve Money Refunded For Protection.

  • Always Use your Cash app account to build a good health condition with the account. This will protect you from getting transaction cancellation notification.
  • Confirm Phone number, recipient Cashtag before sending money to them.
  • Only Send payment or receive payment from people with good business reputations. Doing this regularly will make your Cash app account less prone to transaction cancellation.
  • Only link debit or Credit cards that have the same name as the one on your Cash app account.
  • Always make transactions from your trusted devices and if you have a new device kindly logout your Cash app account from the previous device in order to protect your account.

What Happens When Money Is Refunded On Cash App?

When Money is refunded on the Cash app, the sender will receive the exact amount that was refunded back to his Cash account instantly if the transaction was made from the Cash app balance.

How Long Does It Take Cash App To Refund Money

Refunds arising from transaction cancellation or errors from making payment are very instant 

However, refunds for opening a dispute may take up to 10 business days or more because the dispute team will have to analyse the transaction with your proofs before they can refund you back your money.


Transaction cancellation for protection helps to protect your Cash app account from fraudulent activities and keep your fund safe in your Cash app account.

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