Zelle is a per-to-per financial application that makes sending and receiving money very easy for people.

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With ZellePay, you can send money to your families and friends using other banks that are based in the United States.

All the transactions made using Zelle pay are well secured and protected so you don’t need to worry about losing your money when making payments with Zelle.

Zelle has lots of users and hence lots of transactions going on the app. Due to the volume of transactions that are carried out on Zelle, it has become a target point for hackers.

If you have a Zelle account with funds, then you need to secure your account by all possible means to avoid losing your money to scammers and malicious hackers.

Over the years, there have been several reports of scams going on Zelle which makes people question the security strength of Zelle.

However, in this article, we will show you if a Zelle account can be hacked with a Phone number and Email.

Can Zelle Be Hacked With Phone Number

When you want to open a Zelle account, your phone number will.be required before you can completely sign up on Zelle.

However, with your phone number, it is possible that your Zelle account can be hacked and all your funds will be withdrawn.

Below are the list of possible ways that hackers can hack your Zelle account with your phone number and Email

By Phishing You Phone Number and Email Address

Hackers can Phish your phone number to get access to your Zelle account so you have to be very careful with people that you give out your phone number. 

When hackers have your phone number and emails, they can send you harmful links that are aimed at copying your Zelle account. Through the links, they can ask you for your Zelle account details, and once you give them out, your Zelle account will be compromised.

Pretending To Be Zelle Customer Service

Another way that hackers can hack your Zelle account is, the pretends to be Zelle customer care by phishing your Zelle email address and phone number in other to trick you into sending your Zelle account details.

Phishing of Zelle Website

Hackers can Phish the Zelle website and will trick your into login in with your Zelle account detail, if you fall for this, then your Zelle account will be hacked.

How To Avoid Zelle Account From Being Hacked

  • Don’t respond or click any link from anonymous sender
  • Only give your phone number to you the people you know.
  • Secure your Email address by turning on two-factor verification.
  • Secure your Zelle account with a strong password.
  • Send money to people you know and have transactions with.
  • Don’t use your phone number as your Zelle account password.
  • Be fast to report any unauthorised or questionable transactions to your bank for immediate action.

Can Someone Steal Your Money Through Zelle

Yes someone can steal your money from your Zelle account if the person has direct access to your account username and password, so you have to secure your Zelle account with maximum security.

Is It Safe To Accept Zelle Payment From Strangers

Zelle doesn’t reveals any sensitive information about your Zelle account to the sender, so if your receive a payment from a stranger your don’t need to worry about it.


Since Zelle account can be hacked, all you have to do is to secure your account jealously by avoiding to click on any harmful links and avoid sending money to people you don’t know.

This will help you secure you Zelle account from being hacked.


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