Chime is a popular financial app that is aimed at allowing people to send and receive money from families and friends without paying any fees. You can also use your Chime account to receive money from your business because it is one of the safest and easiest banking applications

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Over the years, Chime has developed lots of features that are aimed at giving Chime users financial liberation.

In other to enjoy all these great and exciting features on Chime, you need to have a Chime account that is fully verified.

However, one of such features is the Chime SpotMe and the Chime Boost.

This feature enables you to get an overdraft, that is, you can withdraw more than the amount in your Chime checking account.

What Is Chime SpotMe

Chime SpotMe helps chime users to overdraft their checking account with $200 or above without paying any fees.

Before you can start using the Chime SpotMe feature, you need to have made a direct qualifying deposit to your Chime checking account which makes you qualify for the SpotMe overdraft feature on Chime.

However, as a first user of Chime, you may have limitations to the amount of overdraft that you can get from the Chime SpotMe.

In other to increase your SpotMe limitation you need a Chime Boost.

What Is Chime Boost

Chime Boost allows Chime members to give a SpotMe Boost of $5 to their friends.

So that when you send your friend a Boost on Chime his SpotMe limit will be increased by $5.

This feature allows you to help your friend who has a limit to the amount of overdraft that he can request on Chime SpotMe.

This Chime Boost is available every month and Chime described it as a way of sharing love between you and your friend.

The Chime Boost does not come out of your SpotMe limit so you don’t need to worry because it won’t affect your SpotMe limit.

Is Chime Still Doing Boost

Yes, Chime is still doing Boost every month in other to allow one to share financial love by increasing your friends’ SpotMe limits by $5.

Does Chime Show Pending Transactions 

Can I Withdraw My Chime Boost

You can’t withdraw your Chime Boost directly. However, when your friend gives you a Boost on Chime, it only increases your SpotMe limits by $5. So, you can request an overdraft with a $5 increase from the normal amount you can get before which you can easily withdraw.

How Do I Access Chime Boost

Below are the steps on how to access the Chime Boost. You need to have an updated version of the Chime mobile app.

  • Login to your Chime account on the Chime mobile application.
  • Tap on  SETTING or FRIENDS on your Chime mobile application dashboard.
  • Select Boosts Sections.
  • Select a friend from your contact that you want to send $5 Boost.
  • Tap on Send and your selected friend will receive a $5 Boost from you.

How Long Does A Spot Me Boost Last

The Chime Boost gives you a temporal increase of $5 to your SpotMe limit.

The boost you receive from your family or friends will expire on the first day of the following month.

Who Can Boost Me On Chime

Anybody can Boost on Chime. You can also send Boost to anybody you want to provide you have the person’s contacts on your device.


Chime Boost is a way of sharing love to your family and friends by boosting their SpotMe limits by $5. This helps them to get an overdraft and increase their SpotMe limits for the months.

However, sending a boost to your friend doesn’t affect your own SpotMe limit so you have nothing to lose for sharing love with your friends on Chime.


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