Chime is one of the most popular financial technologies that makes sending and receiving funds from friends and family very easy.

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Millions of users are using Chime for their daily transactions because every transaction done on Chime is free of charge. 

Aside that the transactions being free, Chime also has a mobile-friendly interface that is easy to use or navigate by people of all ages. 

They are also some exciting features on Chime, like the Chime SpotMe where you can get an overdraft from your Chime account and pay back anytime you received a direct deposit to your account.

Residents of the United States and those aged above 18 are eligible to open a Chime account.

What Is The Black Chime Metal Card

Black Chime metal card is a neatly designed black metal credit card released by Chime that can be used to carry out any transactions that other cards can do.

However, these metal cards are very different to other cards because with the Chime metal card you can build your credit score.

You need to fund the card from your Chime account before you can start using it. It is just like a prepaid card that boosts your credit score.

Because of this, many people want these Chime metal cards to boost their credit scores.

However, according to Chime, the black card is not for sale and only users who have a Chime spending account will be eligible to have the card.

During the time of the announcement, there were over 5,000 Chime metal cards which are ready for distribution.

In other to get this card you need to meet up with all the requirements needed by Chime.

Advantages Of Chime Black Metal Cards.

  • It is a credit builder card. Unlike the regular Chime card, the black metal Chime cards report all the transactions you make with the account to the credit bureau as fast instant payment so this will boost your credit score.
  • No Annual fees or interest when using the card to make payment.
  • No credit check before you can get the Chime metal card.
  • No minimum security deposit before applying for the Chime black metal card.
  • With the Chime metal card, your paycheck comes two days earlier than your payday.
  • It doesn’t wear easily. Another advantage of the black Chime metal card is that it doesn’t wear easily because it is made up of metal which makes it last longer than the plastic card.
Does Chime Show A Pending Transactions 

  • It is water-resistant. The card has water resistance, so if it falls in water it still works perfectly without any issues.
  • The Card is not breakable like the plastic card thereby making it last for a long time.

How To Get A Black Metal Chime Card

Before applying for the Chime metal card, there are certain requirements you need to meet before you can get the metal card. 

However, the first step to get a Chime metal card is:

  • Open a Chime spending account
  • Apply for the credit builder card( Chime metal card)  from your Chime account dashboard.
  • Make 40 qualifying transactions within 60 days of receiving your email invite for the Chime metal card or the credit card booster.

Once you’ve met all the requirements, your Chime metal card will be sent to you. It will take 7-10 business days before it arrives.

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How Do I Get Another Metal Chime Card

If you lost your Metal Chime Card and you want a replacement, follow the steps below using the Chime mobile app

  • Go to “Setting” on your Chime account dashboard.
  • Scroll to “Credit Card Builder
  • Tap on “Replace Your card” and follow the prompt. Your request will be registered immediately.
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The Metal Chime card allows you to boost your credit score because the card reports all your transaction to the credit bureau as instant payment which will boost your credit score.


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