Chime has evolved to be one of the best mobile financial apps that facilitate the safe sending and receiving of money between family and friends

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This platform has some credible and laudable features that help people build their financial life.

On Chime, you can get different accounts based on what you intend to do with your Chime.

With the Chime Checking account, you can receive your paycheck with it and it works perfectly like other checking account from a bank.

Also, the Credit builder Chime account allows you to build your credit score. If you make a transaction with your Credit builder account, Chime will report it to the credit bureaus as instant payment which will boost your credit score.

Using Chime comes with lots of benefits and one of the benefits is the Chime SpotMe which allows you to overdraft your account. This Chime SpotMe comes with no charges so, you will only have to pay the exact amount that you overdraft.

How Does The Chime SpotMe Works

The Chime SpotMe works by making payments on your behalf even if your account is zero

If you want to pay for your telephone bills but you don’t have enough in your Chime account, Chime will pay on your behalf and your account will be negative. 

Anytime you deposit money to your Chime account, the amount that was overdraft to you will be deducted with zero fees.

With the Chime SpotMe, you can get an overdraft of up to $200 to pay any of your urgent needs.

Some people may have a limit to the amount they can overdraft and in this article, we will list some of the Chime SpotMe hacks.

Chime SpotMe Hacks

Below are some of the proven hacks of Chime SpotMe that can help you get an overdraft and increase your limit.

Always use your Chime Account

If you don’t use your Chime account very often, you won’t have the access to use the SpotMe feature for overdraft.

Deposit $1,000 into your Chime account

Before Chime can allow you to use the SpotMe feature for overdraft, you need to have a reasonable transaction history worth $1,000 or above. This will enable Chime to easily grant your Spotme request and increase your SpotMe limitations.

Build a Good Health with your Chime account

Before Chime can easily give you SpotMe and increase your overdraft limits, you need to build good health with your Chime account, by making certain numbers of transactions. This will help them to determine whether you can pay back your Chime overdraft.

Try Get SpotMe Boost From Your Contacts

SpotMe boost helps to increase your limitation temporarily by $5. So, if you can get five of your friends to send you SpotMe Boost, you will be eligible to get a $25 overdraft.

Use Your Chime Account As Checking Account

When you use your Chime as your checking account to receive your paycheck, Chime will easily increase your SpotMe limit because your account is well-trusted.

Avoid Emptying Your Chime Account

If you want to withdraw all your funds from your Chime account, it will be safer to leave some small bucks behind so that you can easily use the Spotme feature.

Verify Your Chime Account

If your Chime Account is not Verified it will be very hard for you to have access to SpotMe on Chime. You need to verify your Chime account by submitting all the necessary documents required to upgrade your account.

Activate Your Chime Debit Credit 

One of the criteria that allows you to enrol for the Chime SpotMe is to activate your Chime debit card and receive a qualifying direct despite of $200 or above in a month. So, if you have your Debit card, kindly activate it by using it to make transactions.

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Can You Overdraft Chime With No Money In Your Account.

Before you can overdraft your Chime account, you need to have a reasonable amount of transaction history. So, if you don’t have money in your account you can get an overdraft with your zero account.


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