Cash App is one of the popular P2P apps that provide safe and secure transactions.

The cash app issues a credit card which can be used to carry out varieties of transactions. 

Locking your Cash app card has lots of advantages that can prevent your account from theft. If you’ve lost your cash app card you will know the importance of locking your Cash app card because the card will be useless and all transactions with the card will be blocked.

Before this can work perfectly, you need to lock the card immediately after you find out that the card is missing. 

Another reason why it is very good to lock your Cash app card is when you give your card to your friends you don’t want them to make transactions with it. When the card is locked from your cash app account dashboard, if they try to use it, the card will be declined.

However, below is the easy steps on how to lock your Cash app card.

How To Lock Cash App Card

Locking your card on the Cash app card simply means deactivating the card from your Cash app dashboard. When you have your card back, you can as well reactivate it again and start using it for transactions.

Here is the guide on how to deactivate your Cash app card.

Update your Cash app application to the latest versions in other to avoid facing errors.

  • Open your Cash App on your device and log in to your cash app account.
  • On your Cash app dashboard click on the Card icon at the bottom.
  • Click on three navigation dots which will bring up a pop-up window.
  • Toggle on Disable Cash app card to deactivate your Cash app card.

When You Lock Your Cash App Card What Happens

When you lock (deactivate) your Cash App card, any transaction with the card will be automatically declined. 

How To Unlock Borrow On Cash App

This will protect your card from unauthorized people using it to make transactions without your approval.

Will Locking My Cash App Card Stop Pending Transactions

Locking your card after initiating a transaction won’t stop a pending transaction from going through.

Your financial institutions have already accessed the transaction, so locking your card after the transaction won’t stop the transaction but only feature transactions will be declined.

Does Locking Your Card Stop Online Transactions

Locking your cash app cards will result in the decline of any transactions you want to make with your card.

Both physical transactions like withdrawals and in-shop payments or online transactions like phone payments are all declined.

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How Do I Know If My Card Is Locked

If your card is locked, you won’t be able to make any transaction with the card because all transactions both online and offline will be declined.


Locking your Cash card will help to protect your funds when you lost your card or give your card to your friends and you don’t want them to use the card.

However, if you lose your Cash app card, contact the support team for a more effective ways to protect your account


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