Cash App is a secured P2P platform that facilitates the fast transfer of money from one account to the other.

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Cash apps have lots of exciting features which make payment very fast and safe for people using the Cash app for their day-to-day transactions.

One of the features is the paper money option which allows you to deposit money to your Cash app account.

With the Paper money feature, you can deposit up to $1,000 per roll for 7 days and $4,000 per rolling 30 days.

This works effectively for many people and they have confirmed how fast and secure this method of making deposits into Cash apps is.

This option is available on all the Cash app accounts that are fully verified.

However, due to the number and volume of transactions going on the Cash app, one may experience glitches when trying to use the paper money option to deposit money into your Cash app account. This could prevent you from using the Paper money option to deposit to your account.

Why My Cash App Doesn’t Have The Paper Money Option

Below are some of the reasons why your Cash app account doesn’t have the Paper money options.

Unverified Cash App Account

If your cash app account is unverified, you will have limited access to some features on the Cash app and this could hinder the paper money option from showing on your cash app account. 

Cash App Account With Multiple Violations

If your Cash app account has been flagged for some violation, your account will be limited and access to some of the exciting features of the Cash app will be limited. This can hinder you from having the paper money option.

When Your Account is Reported For Scam

If your account has been reported for fraud, your account will be monitored and if you are found guilty your account will be closed down permanently.

During the investigation period, your account may be limited to accessing some features on the Cash app until you’ve been proven to be clean.

Using outdated version of  Cash app mobile application

When your cash app is not the latest version, some features will be missing on the app which can hinder you from using the paper money option on the Cash app.

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How To Get The Paper Money Option

After users sent multiple complaints to Cash app customer service about the sudden disappearance of the paper money option from their Cash app account, they made some suggestions that could restore this option which include.

Update Your Cash App to the latest version.

When you update your cash app mobile application to the latest version, you will have access to new features on the cash app which include the paper money option.

Restart Your Device

After updating your Cash application to the latest version and you can’t still access the paper money option, kindly restart your device again and give it a try.

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Clear your Cache

Clearing your Cache will allow your device to load a fresh page of the Cash app and this can bring back the Paper money option.

Verify your Cash App Account

Verify your cash app account by sending all the documents required for account verification to the verification team to unlock features in your Cash app account.

Always Use Your cash app account

Always use your Cash app account often, this can help restore features that were missing on your account before.

How To Use The Paper Money Option

  • Login to your Cash App account
  • On your Cash app account dashboard, tap on Menu
  • Tap on Setting and this will bring out options.
  • Click on the Paper Money option and follow all the steps to use the feature.


The Cash App paper money option allows you to deposit money to your cash app account instantly.

However, due to some reasons and technical glitches, you might not be able to access or use this feature. Kindly wait for some period as this feature is yet to be fully rolled out to all the Cash app accounts.


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