Chime is one of the leading P2P applications that facilitates the fast and safe transfer of money from one account to the other.

Chime offers lots of services that make it very different and unique from other P2P networks. 

If you don’t have enough in your account and you want to make a payment, Chime can give you an overdraft through Spot Me features to cover your transaction. The 

The Chime Spot Me feature allows you to over-withdraw from your account.

Unlike the traditional overdraft where you pay overdraft fees, Chime Spot Me is free without any overdraft fees.

With Chime Spot Me, you can overdraft your account with $20 which is the minimum overdraft amount.

However, if you increase your Spot Me limits on Chime, you can get a higher amount of $200.

Can I Use Chime Spot Me On Google Pay

You can use the Chime Spot Me on Google pay provided you have your Chime card. 

Google Pay uses cards for making transactions,  so you can use your Chime card and get an overdraft from Chime. 

Through the Chime Spot Me service, Chime will help you to complete the transaction by providing the funds and your balance will become negative.

Once you receive a direct deposit or paycheck, the amount that was given to you through SpotMe will be deducted from your account automatically.

Aside from Google pay, you can use the Spot Me feature on other similar services like Apple Pay and Samsung Pay.

What Can I Use My SpotMe On 

Not all transactions are eligible for the SpotMe funds. When you carry out this type of transaction, you won’t get an overdraft because it is not among the supported transactions. Transaction that you can use SpotMe on are:

  • Debit card purchases.
  • ATM withdrawals.
  • Cash-back transactions.
  • Over-the-counter (OTC) withdrawals.

Transaction That You Can Not Use Spot Me

Some transactions are not eligible for SpotMe overdraft. According to Chime, only transactions performed with a debit card are eligible for overdraft. 

SpotMe can cover all your transaction expenses if your balance is not up to the transaction amount only if the transaction is performed with a debit card. 

How To Use Chime SpotMe Without A Card

Below are the some of the transaction that are not eligible for SpotMe

  • ACH Transfer 
  • Payment to Friends 
  • Non- Debit Transaction 
  • Child Checkbook transaction.

Can You Withdraw Cash From Spot? 

You can withdraw cash from your SpotMe. With your credit card, you can head to any of the ATMs,  and withdraw more than what is in your account. 

You can also withdraw at the Counter by giving your debit card to the cashier. This type of withdrawal is eligible for SpotMe

Advantage Of Chime SpotMe 

  • It is fast and free without any charges. 
  • The Chime Spot Me doesn’t affect your credit score. 
  • There is no credit check before you can get the SpotMe. 
  • You can get as low as a $20 overdraft till your paycheck arrives or anytime you receive a direct deposit to your account. 
  • Chime SpotMe is instant and automatic. So you don’t need to apply for the feature. 
  • There is no limit to the number of transactions that you can carry out with SpotMe. 


Chime SpotMe is an overdraft that allows you to make payments more than the amount in your account. 

Google pay uses cards for making transactions, so you can use Spot Me on Google pay. 



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