Chime is a mobile P2P application that allows the fast and safe transfer of funds to family and friends. With Chime, you can make transfers to anybody within the province of the United States without any charges.

Aside from sending funds, you can use your Chime account to receive your paycheck from your employer. Chime makes sure your paycheck hits your account immediately after the money has been sent.

Chime Spot Me is one of the features in Chime that allows users to get a cash advance till their payday arrives. With Chime Spot Me, users can get an overdraft as low as $20 and as high as $200 without any fees.

In other to use the Chime Spot Me, you need to meet up with the criteria that are required for Spot Me approval.

The Chime Spot Me is available for everybody with a verified Chime account.

Once you get   Spot Me on Chime, you can easily withdraw the amount directly from your Chime account using the Chime Debit card or use it to make payments at any of your favorite stores.

How To Use Chime Spot Me Without Card

Chime overdraft is given when you want to make payment with your Chime card or withdraw from your account but your balance is not up to the amount you want to use .

Chime will help you complete the payment or withdraw through the overdraft system. This overdraft is free without any charges.

Since overdrafts are given through Chime cards, it will be hard to use SpotMe when making payments or withdrawals.

However, there are some tricky ways to go about in other to get Spot Me without a card. This involves getting a Chime Virtual card or Scanning QR codes for payment with your Chime account. 

Get A Chime Virtual Card

A virtual card is a temporary card that allows making any debit payment online. The virtual card can do all that the physical cards can do. So with your virtual card, you can carry out or make payments both online or offline with the card. 

Since the Virtual cards function like a physical card, you can use the Virtual card to get SpotMe when you want to make a payment but your balance is not up to the total charges.

If you want to make a cash withdrawal at the ATM and you want to use a virtual card, you can do that by going to ATM that supports NFC for withdrawal. Through here,  you can still get an overdraft. This method works perfectly well and allows you to get a Spot Me without a card.

Scan For Payment

Another way of making payments without using a card is through the scanning of payment QR codes. With your Chime account, you can Scan the QR codes of the store and the amount will be dedicated to your account automatically. If you don’t have enough in your Chime accounts,  you can get a SpotMe because it will be recognized as payment. So, scanning the QR codes is another way to pay using Chime SpotMe without using a card.

Paying With Your Chime Account

After shopping in your favorite store, you can use Chime as your payment account. 


With your Virtual cards, you can make payments with your Chime Virtual card even if the balance is low. You will automatically get an overdraft with the case if your balance is low.

How To Increase SpotMe Limit With Chime Boost

Since Spot I is offered through a debit card, it will be safe for you to get a new card if you haven’t before or request a replacement if you misplace the former one.

Can I pay friends with Chime spot me I Use Spot Me On Cash App

Chime SpotMe only works with debit transactions with Chime card and cash withdrawals. Payment to family and friends is not qualified for SpotMe hence you can’t pay your friend with SpotMe. 

Can I Use Chime Spot Me On Google Pay

With the Chime Visa Debit Card, you can use it on Google Pay. Through the card, you can use the Chime Spot Me.


If you don’t have a credit card, you can get Chime Spot Me by using the Virtual card.

Virtual cards work the same way as physical cards and can be used to make payments online.

You can also scan the QR code to make a payment and use Chime Spot Me. This doesn’t require a card and you can make payments with it.

However, it will be good if you can replace your card or order a new one if you don’t a card because not all stores accept virtual cards for payment.


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