A fraternity or Sorority is a brotherhood or sisterhood formed on the same goals and purpose. Members of the fraternity are bonded together till death. 

A member of a fraternity shall stand for his fellow brotherhood all the time. 

The name of each of the fraternity groups is always derived from the Greek alphabet. 

The origin of fraternity can be traced back to Schenectady, New York at Union College where Kappa Alpha society was founded in 1825. The aim of this group at the time of origin was to discuss activities outside the class. 

After Kappa Alpha fraternity, many fraternity were formed which includes 

  • Phi Delta Theta 
  • National Pan-Hellenic council 
  • Sigma Nu 
  • Sigma Chi 
  • Alpha Sigma Phi 
  • Alpha Kappa Alpha 
  • Beta Theta Pi and the list continues… 

All of the Fraternity was built on a common goal which is to enhance your college experience and ensure you achieve academic excellence. They also strive to make sure members have good leadership skills and potential that will develop society. 

The fraternity has proven to be the best way to get a loyal friend who will always stand by your side in everything. 

Can you Join a Fraternity Without Going to College 

Yes, you can join a fraternity without going to college. But this is very tricky because fraternity is only open to college students. The chance of being accepted into a fraternity as a non-college student is very slim because the criteria for joining a fraternity is that you have a minimum of 2.5 CGP and be in a good relationship with the university. 

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Since a fraternity is built on academic bases, joining a fraternity without going to college requires you to create a good relationship with the fraternity member and the fraternity head, this could increase your chance of becoming a member. 

How To Join Fraternity Without Going To College 

Joining a fraternity without going to college requires you to go the extra mile by creating a good impression about yourself in the face of the fraternity leaders and how promising you will be in moving the fraternity chapter forward. 

The best ways to achieve this is by: 

Attending any Social events that the graduate chapter is holding. 

Attending social events of the graduate chapter is one of the ways you can make a good relationship with the fraternity leaders and members.

Punctual attendance and full-time engagement in the events will let them easily notice you.  When you are noticed, always tell them the truth that you are not a college student, not a graduate, and your quest to join the fraternity can be accepted. 

Interacting With the Fraternity Members 

Having a good relationship with the Fraternity members increases your chance of becoming a member as a noncollege student. You have to keep their contacts and always reach out to them! 

Always Good/Positive Comments About The Fraternity 

This is another way to make yourself known by the fraternity. If you always make positive remarks about the fraternity group, you can easily be accepted into the movement even without going to college.

However, always make your motive clear and open to avoid having trouble with the fraternity or having your application rejected. 

Fraternity That Accept People Without Going College 

This fraternity operates like the university fraternity in that: 

  • They have local chapters (often called “lodges”)with physical facilities. 
  • They have ceremonial aspects. 
  • They organize social events. 
  • They do charitable work. 

This fraternity is open to anybody irrespective of race, religion, or gender! They are :

Independent Order of Odd Fellows (IOOF)

IOOF was founded by Thomas Wildey in Baltimore, Maryland,  United States. The group stands as a non-political group which is to anybody irrespective of your social class, race and religion. The group aims to provide a framework that promotes personal and social development.

Royal Order of Jesters 

Royal Order of Jesters is a male fraternal organization that only accepts males to the organization. The only way to join this fraternity is by invitation only. 

To join this organization is very hard because only 13 people can be inducted into the organization every year. 

Fraternal Order of Eagles 

The Fraternal Order of Eagles is a fraternal organization that was founded on the 6th of February  1898, in Seattle, Washington. The organization was formed by six theater owners including John Cort, brothers John W. and Tim J. Considine, Harry Leavitt, Mose Goldsmith, and Arthur Williams.

The belief of the fraternity is built on liberty, truth, justice, and equality, to make human life more desirable by lessening its ills, and promoting peace, prosperity, gladness, and hope.

Benevolent and Protective Order of the Elks 

The Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks is an American fraternal order founded in 1868, originally as a social club in New York City. 

The requirements to join the Elks include belief in God, American citizenship, willingness to recite the Pledge of Allegiance, willingness to salute the flag of the United States of America, willingness to support the laws and Constitution of the United States of America, being of good character and being at least 21 years of age.

Benefits Of Being A Fraternity Member 

  • Get connection with influential people in the fraternity 
  • Build your Resume 
  • Create a lifelong relationship with people(member).
  • Build your social life 
  • Meeting great minds that have visions. 
  • Scholarship opportunity. 
  • Work opportunity 


You can still be a member of a fraternity without going to college. Some fraternity that operates outside the university campus like IOOF doesn’t require you to be a college student before you can become a member. This fraternity operates the same ways as the one in college,  so this could be the best alternative for you if you are looking for a fraternity you can join without going to college. 



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