A fraternity is a brotherhood or sisterhood organization, where members are bonded together by an oath of allegiance. To become a full member of a fraternity,  you have to accept all the policies of the organization. 

Being a member of a fraternity comes with lots of advantages on campus and as well lots of challenges. 

The goal of the fraternity on the college campus is to ensure that members of the fraternity are doing well in their academics and also prepare their bodies, soul, and mind in other to survive outside the college environment. 

Since the inception of the first fraternity group, the organization has fought tirelessly to make sure members achieve a good and strong academic stand, be in a good relationship with the university and be able to give back and build the society. 

There are different and many fraternity groups on the college campus, you have to be careful with the one you want to join and make research on the group and whether they have a good reputation in the college and outside the college gate.

Fraternities have lots of functions like social functions and induction where new members are inducted into the system. 

Can I Pledge A Fraternity Online 

No, you can’t pledge to a fraternity online

Pledging in a fraternity is the period when a bid is offered to a new member and he is officially recruited. This period will determine whether your quest to join the fraternity will be approved. 

You need to get familiar with your brothers (fellow fraternity members) and learn the fraternity language and the Greek alphabet. This can only be achieved physically and not online thereby pledging to a fraternity online is impossible. 

During pledging rituals, always focus on what is ahead and always provide the correct answers to anything that is asked, this will hasten your pledge period and make the fraternity know that you are worthy to join the organization. 

How Long Is The Process Of Pledging 

Pledging is the crucial period in the life of a student trying to become a fraternity member. This is the period where the potential fraternity member will have to study, and memorize all the facets of the fraternity group that you want to join. 

Pledge is expected to know the names of the fraternity members, the Greek alphabet,  the fraternity heads, and other sensitive information about the pledge. 

However, the course of the pledge usually takes 6 weeks. 

Aside from learning, you also spend time bonding with your fraternity brothers in other to make you blend with the movement easily. 

Can You Join A Fraternity Without Going College

What Do You Gain From Pledging?

They are lots of things that you will gain during the pledging period. This period prepares your mind for the task ahead. 

This period will tell whether you will be a good and loyal brother or not. 

However, you gain the following during pledging: 

  • Knowing about the fraternity 
  • How the fraternity is operated 
  • The fraternity policies 
  • Knowing your brother’s name 
  • Learning the fraternity language 
  • Learning the Greek letters etc.. 

What Is The Benefits Of Joining A Fraternity

Before joining the fraternity, you need to know some of the benefits of joining a fraternity, and if you aren’t too satisfied with the benefits, you can easily remove your interest in joining the fraternity. 

However, once you’ve joined a fraternity it will be hard for you to back out because there is nothing like quitting. 

Below are some of the benefits of joining a fraternity: 

  • You will have the opportunity to meet influential people in the fraternity group. 
  • Getting new friends from different classes. 
  • It helps to give a boost to your Resume. 
  • Free accommodation for you if you are staying in the fraternity house. 
  • Scholarship opportunity. 
  • Self-development ( mentally and physically).
  • Academic breakthrough 

There are other many benefits of fraternity groups that you can benefit from if you join a fraternity. 


Pledging in a fraternity is the period that you learn everything about the fraternity you want to join. During pledging, you will learn the Greek Alphabet, and the names of your new brother and also create a bond with them. This period usually lasts for 6 weeks. 

However, pledging can only be done physically,  because of the things that it entails. 


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