A fraternity is a group of people who share common goals, and are bonded by the same doctrines. 

This brotherhood association was initiated on the University campus in other to help the students overcome their challenges in school. Each member of the fraternity always stands for each other and it has become the best avenue to make new and loyal friends. 

Fraternities have built many great people by teaching moral values and ethics which helps to build the community and make society a better place for people. 

In every university, there are lots of fraternity groups. And each of these fraternity groups always proclaims to be the best you can join.

There are different groups on the university campus,  but the ability to find the best one is very difficult, especially for a freshman that is new to the university. 

Fraternities At University Of Arkansas

The University of Arkansas is a public institution located in the city of Fayetteville. 

The university has different fraternity groups on the university campus. 

However, the Greek organizations have left a remarkable legacy in the life of the institution.   

Through the Greek organizations, students at the University of Arkansas have gotten scholarships, accommodation (in fraternity houses), social event organizations, and many other activities. 

Many fraternities started at the University of Arkansas, like the Chi Omega Psi.

Currently, at the University of Arkansas, there are 14 chapters of fraternities operating in the university. 

According to statistics made available on the university website, over 30% of students are members of a fraternity group and more are still joining. 

To promote and enrich the Greek life community at the university campus, the University of Arkansas has approved an assessment of $30 per semester for all students who participate in the Greek community. 

Joining the Greek community is a great avenue to find friends for life who will always be loyal to you. 

Best Fraternities At University Of Arkansas 

There are 14 chapters of different Greek communities at the University of Arkansas. 

Each of the 14 chapters operates almost similarly because they all are fighting and aiming for one goal which is the success of students in the classroom and outside the classroom. 

Despite having the same purpose, some Greek communities tend to be more optimistic about achieving their goals and while others may be too relaxed about their goals. 

Can I Pledge Fraternity Online

As a fresh student at the University of Arkansas, you need to know the best fraternity on this campus if you have an interest in joining any of the Greek communities. 

However, below is the list of the best fraternity groups in the university of Arkansas: 

  1. Sigma Alpha Epsilon 
  2. Pi Kappa Alpha 
  3. Kappa Sigma 
  4. Lambda Chi Alpha 
  5. Kappa Alpha Order 
  6. Phi Gamma Delta 
  7. Sigma Chi 
  8. Phi Delta Theta 
  9. Kappa Alpha Psi
  10. Sigma Pi 
  11. Sigma Phi Epsilon 
  12. Beta Theta Pi 
  13. Alpha Phi Alpha
  14. Alpha Gamma Rho

How Much Is It To Rush A Sorority At University Of Arkansas 

Rushing Is the period when freshmen in the university seek to join a fraternity group. It is the ritual period where freshmen are inducted into a fraternity. 

What Sorority Does Oprah Winfrey Belong To 

During this period, many people tend to be acquainted with different fraternity groups because they are yet to become a member of any, and they are looking for a fraternity whose members will become compatible with them. 

The cost of rush at the University of Arkansas may vary from group to group. But on average, one may pay up to $275 which is the recruitment fee. 


There are over 14 chapters of fraternity operating in the University of Arkansas campuses. Each of the chapters operates differently from other groups. 

However, based on reviews given, the Sigma Alpha Epsilon is the best fraternity group, while the Pi Kappa Alpha takes the second positions, and the Kappa Sigma takes third positions of the best fraternity in the university of Arkansas campus. 



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