TikTok is one of the leading video-sharing platforms with over thousands of video content being uploaded to the platform every minute from different content creators across the globe.

They are different categories of videos on   TikTok, which include entertainment content videos, educational videos, and promotional videos for promoting a business brand.

The type of video you get to watch on   TikTok depends on the type of videos your search for, and the type of video you interact with by liking or commenting.

Also, they are other metrics that determine the type of videos   TikTok shows you on your homepage which include your location of the search, the kind of hashtag you used in searching for videos, and the current trending videos.

This put together determines the type of videos that TikTok will suggest for you.

Why Is My TikTok Search Not Showing Videos

Oftentimes, one might try to search for a video on TikTok, but your search won’t bring out any video suggestions. This could be frustrating and time-consuming. Without wasting time, let me provide you with a list of possible things that could prevent your TikTok search to show videos and how to resolve the issue.

Why Is My TikTok Search Not Showing Videos

Below is the list of possible reasons why your TikTok search is not showing any videos:

Internet Connection

One of the things that could prevent videos from showing up on your search on TikTok is an internet connection. When you are not connected to the internet or your connection is poor, you won’t be able to use the TikTok search and it won’t give you any results.

To diagnose this issue, check your device connection or router and make sure it is properly set up and working correctly.

App Update

TikTok rolls out an update to their app all the time to ensure they solve and address all the glitches that could prevent users from enjoying the app. Once   TikTok rolls out a new update the older version will be wiped off and you will be notified of it and be prompted to update your apps to enjoy the latest feature.

If you are using the older version of the TikTok application that lacks support, your search might not bring out video content suggestions. So update your application and start enjoying your TikTok video search.

Search Setting

When your search is not showing videos, another thing to look at is your search setting. Check the setting on your app and make sure the search filter is not set to private mode or restricted mode.

Location Setting

One of the metrics and factors  TikTok uses to suggest videos for you is your location. This simply means that your location setting can affect your video search result on   TikTok. When   TikTok is unable to access your location, your search result might not show any videos.

Ensure that your location is turned on and  TikTok has permission to access your location.

Search term

Your search term is what will tell   TikTok the type of video or thing you want on the app. In making a search on   TikTok, use the parameter and key phrases that are related to the videos you intend to search for.

If your search terms are not showing any video results, try to change them to any related key phrases and search again.

Block List

If you search for video content from the account you blocked, the search won’t bring out any results because you can’t see content from the account in your block list. Also if you are blocked by other accounts, you won’t see videos from them that are related to your search term.

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Restriction on Your Account

Another thing that could prevent your search from showing videos is when your account has a restriction placed on it for violation of some policy. With this restriction on your TikTok account, you won’t get any videos in your search.

Check if there are any restrictions set on your   TikTok account, such as age restrictions or country restrictions, that could be affecting your search results.

How To Resolve Video Not Showing On Search

Below is the list of possible ways you can resolve TikTok Search Not Showing Videos

  • Update your TikTok mobile application to the latest version
  • Log out and log in to your account again and try to search.
  • Clear your Cache on your TikTok application
  • Use #hashtag in your search to get more videos suggestion.


The above-mentioned reasons are the possible reasons why your search on TikTok is not bringing out any videos. By updating your TikTok app and using proper search term with #hashtag, you will get more videos to result in your search on TikTok.




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