In this article, we will be listing the cash advance apps that don’t use plaid.

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Cash advance helps one to solve his immediate pressing needs but don’t have enough cash to solve it, so you can probably request for a cash advance from Online by simply signing up on the apps that offers cash advance to it customers.

Before moving to list the cash advance apps that don’t use Plaid, let find what is plaid and how it works.

cash advance apps that don't use plaid

The app is free and accessible for anyone in the supported region. All your user data are securely stored in the app database which protects them against hacking and theft.
However, many cash advance apps are requesting people to have a Plaid account before cash Advance can be offered to them.
For people who don’t have a plaid account and are not ready to open any, getting cash advance has become very hard for them.
They are still many Cash Advance Apps That Don’t Use Plaid and that is what we will be listing right away.

Cash Advance Apps That Don’t Use Plaid

Having known what Plaid is and its functions, let now move to list some of the cash Advance Apps that Don’t use Plaid.

B9 App

B9(Pronounced as B-Nine) is one of the Cash Advance Apps That Don’t Use Plaid. The application offers short-term cash advances to its users who correctly sign up and account are marked verified.
In other to create an account on B9, you just have to download the application from the Google Play store or the apple store. Then you can move on to creating an account.

How To Apply For B9 Cash Advance

In other to apply for B9 cash advance, you need to have the following requirements:
  • Valid US phone number
  • Your Email
  • Your Full name and Date of birth
  • Your Full US address
  • Your SSN or ITIN number
  • Your US government-issued photo ID
You can then login on to the app and apply for a cash advance. The apps have two plans which are the basic plan and the premium plan.
The basic plan only allows you to have a cash advance of $300 maximum. For the premium plan, you have a cash advance of 100% of your paycheck.
Once your Cash advance is approved, it will be sent to your B9 account which you can send to your main account without connecting with Plaid.

CashMaster Loan

CashMaster Loan is also one of Cash Advance Apps That Don’t Use Plaid. The apps allow you to request for cash advance directly into your account once your cash advances application is approved.
In other to apply for a cash advance, you first need to download the application from Google play store after which you can move on to creating an account with the app. Your are required to fill out all the fields during your application in other to make your cash advance arrive on time.
One unique thing about this app is it offers cash advance to anyone irrespective of your credit score and have low-interest rate.
If you are searching for the Cash Advance Apps That Don’t Use Plaid then CashMaster Loan is considered to be among because once your cash advance is accepted, you will only have to make a direct transfer to your account.
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BranchApp is also Cash Advance Apps That Don’t use Plaid.
However, BranchApp is a digital banking application that doesn’t only give you cash advance but allows you to receive money like wages or salary.
If you are an active user of the platform, you can request for cash advances which will be granted to you if you meet up with all the requirements.

How To Apply For Cash Advance On BranchApp

Once your Branch Wallet is created, if eligible, you’ll see a dollar amount available for an advance on the Instant Pay Tab:

Navigate to the Instant Pay tab

  • Tap Take Advance
  • Enter the desired advance amount
  • Accept their Terms of Services by signing
  • Confirm the advance amount and payback date
  • Swipe up on the screen as instructed and you will see “Money in the Bank!”.

All advances are sent to your Branch Digital Wallet and are available for immediate use.


Line is another cash advance apps that don’t use plaid. The line offers cash advances with zero interest to its applicant.

Unlike other cash advance apps that decline many applications, Line is very easy to get accepted and can give you cash advance irrespective of your occupation and monthly earning.

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Line app is available only in the US and is developed by Line Financial – A Public Benefit Corporation based in the US.

However, the money app mentioned above doesn’t work with plaid and they are still many other money apps that use plaid

How To Apply For Cash Advance On Line

To apply for Cash advance, you need to first download the Line application from Play store.

Then you can move on to creating an account.
They are 5 steps it takes less than 5 minutes to sign up. The steps

are :
  • Start with email – Get started on the Line App with your email address.
  • Pre-approval – Get pre-approved by providing your phone number and answering a few questions (no other personal information needed).
  • Application – If you like your pre-approval, start the application process. Fill in personal details, SSN, Bank info, Date of Birth, Employment Details, review your income and bills, etc.
  • Qualification – Review the application result to see if you qualify and the plans available to you.
  • Subscribe – If you qualify, choose the plan, link your debit card to pay for it upfront (must have sufficient balance to pay the subscription), and start accessing your line on the app.

They are two plans available on the app which is the basic plan and the premium plan. For the premium plan, you need to pay monthly fees.

New user can qualify for cash advances ranging from $10-$1,000. Once your cash advance is accepted, you can send it to your Venmo, Cash App account for withdrawal.

Grid Money

This another Cash Advance Apps That Don’t Use Plaid. This app does not only offer cash advances, but you can also use it to make online payments or do other banking activities with their Master Card.

Cash advances are given to you once you have an account with the app, irrespective of your credit score. You also don’t need to have a guarantor before advances can be offered to you.

Apps like Gride cash advance make payments very easy online and make it easy for you to get cash advance without you bringing any paperwork before your loan can be approved.

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In other to sign up, you need to download the app from the lay store and then follow the instructions to create an account.


Cash Advance Apps That Don’t Use Plaid are apps that offer you cash advance pending your paycheck without you needing to have a plaid account or link your account to plaid.

You can easily obtain cash advance from all the app mentioned above by signing up on the app.

However, if you are been offered a cash advance, you can easily payback from your bank account.


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