Cash App is one of the popular mobile transaction apps that facilitates the sending and receiving of money from one account to the other.

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Over millions of Dollars are flowing on cash apps every day which means that the app needs to regulate and have the true identity of all the users in other to filter out toxic people on the app that are out to defraud people of their hard-earned money.

The use of Social Security Number enable the cash app to verify your identity and verify your cash app account.

But in filling the SSN, many people make mistake by entering a wrong SSN or they want to change their SSN to a new one but they don’t know how to go about it. This article will provide you with the detailed guide on how to change SSN on cash app without making any mistakes.

If you don’t have an SSN it will be very hard for you to make a proper use of your cash app account so they are a need for you to add your Social Security Number to your cash app account.

Also, you need the SSN before you can be given a Cash Card. This card can be used to make withdrawals at any ATM.

How To Change SSN On Cash App

If you don’t want to share your SSN with cash app again or you want to remove your SSN from cash app, they are two about on how to change SSN on Cash App.

The two ways on how to change SSN on the cash app is by deleting your account. This will delete all your personal information then you can open a new account with the SSN number you want to use.

To delete your account, it is advisable you download all your profile information and store it on your device.

However, below is the steps on how to download your account profile on Cash App:

  • Sign in to your cash app account either through the mobile app or through the web version.
  • Click on setting button when you have successfully logged in your account.
  • Click on download your info under the “your info” button. Your profile information will be downloaded immediately.
  • To download your account transaction history, click on activity to view all your payment history.
  • Click on statement and click on export to download your transaction history.

If you want to delete you account permanently to enable you change your SSN, then follow the instructions below:

  • Click on profile icon on your cash app dashboard.
  • Click on Support
  • Click on something else.
  • Scroll to account settings.
  • Then click on delete account.

Your account will be deleted from Cash app immediately.

You can now move on to create a new cash app account with the SSN your want to use. This is the only known way of changing SSN on cash app.

How To Stop Cash App From Cancelling Payment

Can I Open Two Cash App With The Same SSN?

You are allowed to open multiple account on Cash app using one SSN. You only need to have multiple emails or phone numbers that you will use to create such multiple account with a single SSN.

How Do I Verify Identity On Cash App Without SSN?

There is no way for you to verify your Cash App without your SSN. Remember that your personal information, such as your birth date, contact information, billing address, photo ID, and SSN, are required for verification.

Remember, Cash App requests personal information under the USA Patriot Act.

Can I Make A New Cash App With The Same Number

You can’t create a new account with phone number or email that is already attached to an account. You can either delete your previous account and make use of the phone number in creating a new account or update your previous cash account details by adding a new phone number and email address.


If you are afraid of sharing your SSN with cash app or you want to change your SSN and you’ve been searching for how to change SSN on cash app, the only to change your SSN on cash app is by deleting your account and opening a new one with the SSN you want to change to.


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