Chime is one of the top mobile applications that allows fast and safe transfer of funds from one person to the other. 

Transactions carried out using the Chime mobile application are free and are recorded by the credit bureau. 

With Chime mobile applications, you can pay for goods online, in-store, or pay for services physically.

With a Chime Credit card, you can perform all transactions that other credit cards can perform. You can withdraw from an ATM or pay with your Chime card if you have the card. 

Aside from withdrawal and payment, Chime credit cards also have a Credit booster called the Chime Black metal card. Any transaction you make with your account using the Chime black metal card will be regarded as instant payment which will help build your credit score. 

Chime Temporary Card 

The Chime temporary or virtual card can be asscessed on your Chime dashboard.

The Chime Temporary card is a digital card that works like the normal physical card. The card is mostly used to make online transactions. 

The reason this card was made is to fight against cyber attacks and reduce the rate at which people’s cards are being compromised by cyberpunks 

However, the Temporary card has some limitations, which is you can’t withdraw your funds from your account using the temporary card. 

Can I Use My Temporary Chime Card On Apple Pay

Yes, you can use the Chime temporary card, on your Apple pay wallet.

To use the Chime temporary card, fill out your Apple pay wallet with your card details,  so anytime you initiate a payment,  your card will be debited. 

How To Activate Chime Temporary Card 

If you want to use the Chime Temporary card, you need to activate the card. If you don’t have a physical card, then the Chime temporary card will be the way out for you if you want to make transactions or make payments online. 

To activate your Chime temporary card: 

  • Update your Chime mobile application to the latest version. 
  • Login to your Chime account through the Chime mobile application. 
  • Tap on the Setting Gear on the top left home screen of your Chime dashboard. 
  • Tap on the View My Card option to view the card attached to your account. 
  • Scroll down to the bottom and click on Debit Card Setting.
  • Your Chime temporary card details like the Card Number, expiry date, and CVV will be displayed. 

You can set a limit to the amount you can spend with your card every day with the chime temporary card. Once this is activated, only transactions below or equal to the limit set will be approved. 

Does Chime Virtual Card Work With Cash App 

Cash app is a mobile P2P application like Chime, that offers free and safe transfer of money to family and friends. 

However, you can use your Chime temporary card to add funds to your Cash app account balance. 

All you have to do is to link your Chime virtual card to your Cash app and you can conveniently fund your Cash app balance with the card. 

How Do I Get Money Off My Chime Temporary Card


You can use your Chime virtual card on Apple pay to make payments. The Chime virtual card works online and as such it works perfectly for making transactions online like making payment with Google pay, Apple pay and online merchant. 

With the Virtual card, you can set limit to the amount you can spend with your Chime virtual account. 

However, the Chime virtual card can’t be used to initiate withdrawal on an ATM so you will need the physical card if you want to withdraw cash from your Chime account. 



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