Chime is a mobile P2P financial application that facilitates the safe and fast transfer of money. Chime at first was made to make transactions easy for family and friends, but later on, they increased their horizon to business transactions too. 

Through the buyer protection service on Chime, you can get protection for any purchase you make with your Chime account. 

However, Chime has grown to be one of the most popular financial technologies because of how its services and networks is exceptional. 

Another distinction of Chime is that they offer cash advances through SpotMe which allows you to overdraft your Chime account with a certain amount that your account is eligible for. 

Chime also issues credit cards like other financial technology, and the card can be used to perform any transactions like in-store purchases, or payment of services or goods online. 

They are different forms of credit cards issued by Chime. The physical Black metal chime card is like the normal card. They are also a Chime Temporal or virtual card that can be used to make payments too like the normal credit card but they only work online. 

How To Get The Black Chime Card( Credit Booster)

In this article, we will be listing the possible ways that you can move money out of Chime temporary or virtual cards. 

How do I get money off my temporary Chime card 

Chime Virtual card or temporary card is the digital version of the physical card which allows you to make transactions online. The temporal card was developed in other to fight data breaches which is now becoming one of the problems that people are facing online. 

The card has some limitations to the transactions that it can be used to perform. 

One of the advantages of the Chime virtual or temporary card is that it allows you to set limitations to the amount you can be charged thereby reducing the fear of unnecessary charges. 

If you have money stocked in your Chime virtual card, you can’t withdraw the cash from your temporary card, but they are still easy ways you can get money off your Chime temporary card. The ways are: 

Link Your Chime Temporary Card To Your Venmo or Cash App As Payment Method

If you have a Cash app or Venmo account you can use the two financial applications to get money from your Chime temporary card. 

All you have to do is to link your Chime temporary account to either your Cash app or Venmo, and use it as a payment method. So instead of your Venmo or Cash app account being debited, your Chime virtual card will be debited for the transactions. 

With your Chime temporary card linked to your Cash app or Venmo account, you can get money off your Chime virtual card.

Top Up Your Google or Apple Pay Wallet With Your Chime Temporary Card. 

Another easy way to get money off your Chime temporary card is to use the card to top-up your Google or Apple pay wallet to purchase any application that you want. All that is required is to add your credit card details to your Google or Apple pay wallet. 

Your Chime temporary card will be debited and the equivalent amount will be added to your Google or Apple pay wallet.

Buy Gift Cards  Online 

You can buy gift cards from online merchants with your Chime Temporary card. You can then use the gift card to buy items from any of your favorite stores. 

You can buy an Amazon gift card, Walmart, or Steam e-code online using your Chime virtual card when you visit their website. The E-code and physical code of the gift card all serve the same purpose.

Payments of Bills Online 

You can pay your bills like electricity bills, internet access bills, and water bills online using your Chime temporary card. Since the transaction is carried online and the Chime virtual / Temporary card only works online,  the payment will be swift. 

How Do You Use A Chime Temporary Card At An ATM

Chime temporary cards can’t be used at an ATM because the card is virtual and can’t be inserted into the machine. The card can only be used to make transactions online. If you want to use your ATM,  then you need a physical Chime card. 

Can I Use My Temporary Chime Card For Spot Me 

SpotMe allows you to overdraft your account with your card. With the Chime temporary or virtual card you can’t use the SpotMe because the card cannot make withdrawals at the ATM. 

How To Get Chime SpotMe Without Card


Chime temporary cards are digital cards that can be used to make transactions online.  The card can’t be used to withdraw cash at the ATM, so the only way to get money off the card is by performing transactions online and using the card as your payment card. 



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