Have you been searching on whether does Klarna accept chime card3 payment, this article will give you the complete answer to your search query does Klarna Accept Chime?

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What Is Klarna

Klarna is an online app that allows you to shop on any of your favourite online shopping sites without paying instantly. Meaning that if you don’t have cash and you want to shop, you can easily shop and pay over time with the Klarna app when you use Klarna as your payment gateway.

In the United States, it has been estimated that Klarna has over 15 million customers constantly using the platform to shop in various online shops of their choice.

Klarna gives shoppers more time to pay for their items in such a way that won’t affect or interfere with their budgets.

How Does Klarna Works

Before you can use the Klarna app as your payment method in your favourite online shopping site, you need to have an account with the Klarna app.

To create a Klarna app account, download the app from play store and create an account to start using the Klarna app as a method of payment.

Once you have created an account on Klarna, they are three possible ways of making payments which are:

  • Pay In 4
  • Pay In 30 days
  • 6 to 36 Months Financing

Pay In allows you to split your payment into 4 payments. The first payment is due at checkout while the remaining 3 payments can be made biweekly over six weeks. The payment can be made automatic once you link your credit card to your Klarna accounts.

Pay in 30 days allows you to split your payment into 30 days. They are no interest or fees attached to this.

You can choose for a longer time payment which spans a period of 6 to 36 months. This payment method may incur some charges.

Does Klarna Accept Chime

The simple answer is No. Klarna does not accept Chime cards for payment. This means that customers with a Chime card can not link it to Klarna to make payments.

However, if you have cash in your Chime card, you can transfer the funds to the cards that work perfectly with Klarna.

Meanwhile On Reddit, some people have testified that Klarna only works with Chime Credit build card. You can as well try that out too if you want to make payment with your Chime card.

What Bank Cards Does Klarna Accept?

Klarna accepts all bank cards that are issued by Visa, Mastercard, Discover and Maestro. Prepaid cards are not accepted on Klarna as a payment cards.

Why Won’t Klarna Accept My Card

Klarna may not support you credit card for making payment, or the store you are shopping doesn’t support your card for payment as such Klarna will decline your card.

What Stores Use Klarna

According to Klarn, over 250,000 retail shops uses Klarna as a payment method. Some of the bug shops that accept Klarna are:

  • Amazon
  • Macy’s
  • Sephora
  • Wayfair
  • Victoria’s Secret
  • Saks Fifth Avenue
  • Nike
  • GameStop
  • Target
  • Walmart
  • Bloomingdale’s
  • Etsy

What Credit Score Do I Need For Klarna

Klarna does not require a credit score for its services. That is even if you have a bad credit score or a good credit score you can use Klarna Pay in 4 methods because it is not considered a loan term.

Cash Advance Apps That Works With Chime


Klarna is an online payment application that allows you to split your payment in such a way that will be convenient for you to pay.

You can link your card issued by Mastercard, Visa and other to make payment on Klarna.

Unfortunately, Klarna does not accept chime card as payment cards, but Klarna support promised to increase their coverage soon to enable to start accepting cards from Chime and other Fintech company that issue credit card.


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