Best Canada Government jobs for Immigrants 2023

The government of Canada is now looking for an immigrant who has all the skills to be employed for a government job in the country.

Canada is one of the countries that hold lots of opportunities for immigrants. There are vast job opportunities available for immigrants without any qualifications.

As the number of companies in Canada are growing, the same way they are seeking job applicant from around the world in other to fill the job vacancies available.

The monthly and yearly salary of workers in Canada is very high which means there are more opportunity in Canada to get good-paying jobs in Canada.

According to statistics made available, the average salary of a worker in Canada is $39,000 yearly. This is very big money, especially for unskilled workers.

The amount you earn in Canada depends on many factors, but one thing is that some jobs pay higher compared to other jobs. So, in this post, we will be providing you with the best government jobs in Canada that you can apply for as an immigrant without any certificates.

Best Canada Government Jobs for Immigrants

There are many government jobs available for immigrants from anywhere in the world. These jobs are classified into two which are unskilled jobs and skilled jobs.

The skill jobs categories are for those that have basic skills that the government of Canada is willing to employ and the unskilled job categories are for those that don’t have any skills at all.

So the list of the best Canadian government Jobs for Immigrants are:

1. Electric Engineer Jobs

Electric engineering is one of the best Canadian jobs for immigrants. As an electric engineer, you will be tasked with monitoring and controlling of the public electrical system. The job’s responsibility may also include planning and distribution of electric circuits and transmission of electrical power from the power station to homes.

The average salary of an electric engineer in Canada is $85,000 annually. As an immigrant, you can apply for this job if you meet up with all the recruitment requirements.

2. Security Jobs

There are many vast jobs available for security personnel in Canada. As a security personnel with training, you will be tasked with the responsibility to look over, protect and care for anything that is put under your watch.

Many companies and government agencies are actively recruiting immigrants to fill this position because there are many vacant opportunities available.

The average salary for security personnel in Canada is capped to be $70,000 yearly.

3. Truck Driver Jobs

Many companies in Canada have heavy-duty trucks that they use for delivery of their services to their customer. However, the companies are always looking for truck drivers that will fill this position.

As a truck driver, one of your primary objectives is to drive and maintain the truck that is kept under your care.
Before you can apply for truck driver jobs in Canada, you need to have a driver’s license and other documents that can support your proficiency in driving of truck.

Truck driver is considered to be among the best-paying jobs in Canada for both skilled and unskilled workers with an average salary of $86,000 yearly.

4. Electrician Jobs

The need for electricians in Canada continues to be robust, especially in urban regions undergoing expansion and progress. Given the ongoing construction and infrastructure initiatives, electricians are in high demand in Canada, as their expertise is essential for ensuring seamless electrical maintenance and repair services.

The typical income for electricians in Canada fluctuates based on various factors, including their years of experience, certifications, geographical location, and industry. However, a general range for annual earnings falls between $50,000 and $80,000. Exceptionally proficient and seasoned electricians, particularly those specializing in specific fields or operating in regions with high demand, may command higher salaries, which can be further augmented by overtime, bonuses, and benefits, thus positively influencing an electrician’s overall income.

5. Food Service Work Job

As a Food Service Worker, you will play a crucial role in ensuring our customers receive exceptional service and enjoy delicious meals in a clean and welcoming environment. You will be responsible for various tasks related to food preparation, service, and customer satisfaction.

The average salary typically ranges from $14 to $20 per hour, depending on your experience and location, and with an average of $50,000 yearly.

6. Tailoring Jobs

Canada, known for its diverse culture and fashion-forward cities, presents a thriving market for tailoring professionals. If you have a passion for fashion, attention to detail, and the skills to transform fabric into wearable art, a tailoring career in Canada could be your perfect fit.

Tailors are responsible for creating and altering clothing to fit the unique preferences and measurements of their clients. Whether it’s crafting custom suits, altering wedding dresses, or repairing everyday clothing, tailors contribute to the confidence and style of their clients.

The average salary of a tailor in Canada is $55,000 yearly.

So, the above is the list of some of the best-paying jobs in Canada that you can apply for as an immigrant.

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Advantages Of Working In Canada

Working in Canada offers numerous advantages, making it an attractive destination for individuals seeking employment opportunities and a high quality of life. Here are some of the key advantages of working in Canada:

  1. Strong Economy: Canada has a stable and robust economy, providing job security and a wide range of career prospects across various industries.
    High Quality of Life: Canada consistently ranks high in terms of quality of life, offering access to excellent healthcare, education, and social services.
  2. Diverse Job Opportunities: Canada has a diverse and growing job market with opportunities in sectors such as technology, healthcare, finance, engineering, and more.
    Work-Life Balance: Canadians value work-life balance, with many employers offering flexible work hours and generous vacation time.
  3. High Wages: Wages in Canada are generally competitive, and the country has a strong commitment to fair labor practices and workers’ rights.

What Are Some Tips For A Successful Application For Government Jobs In Canada?

Here are some bonus tips for successful job application in Canada:

  1. Tailor your resume and cover letter to the specific job.
  2. Clearly demonstrate how your qualifications match the job requirements.
  3. Follow the application instructions carefully.
  4. Prepare for any required assessments or interviews.
  5. Stay updated on government job postings and deadlines.

What Qualifications Are Typically Required for Government Jobs in Canada?

Qualifications vary widely depending on the job. Generally, government jobs require a combination of education, experience, and skills. Some positions may require specific certifications, degrees, or professional licenses.


In Canada, success is not solely measured by income; it’s about creating a life that balances financial prosperity with personal well-being. So, as you consider your career path, remember to factor in your passions, values, and long-term goals.

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