Restaurant Jobs In Canada With Visa Sponsorship

Canada has diverse cultural norms due to their wide acceptance of immigrants. This has made the food varieties in the country to be many and hence there are tons of jobs available in Canada with Visa sponsorship for anyone seeking to work in restaurants.

The restaurant sector might be the perfect option for people looking for a way to mix work and leisure time or who need a part-time schedule. In this article, we’ll look at 10 different positions that you could want to apply for in a restaurant.

If you’re interested in working at a café, check out the list of available positions, which includes information on the typical pay and primary duties for each position:

Restaurant Jobs In Canada

1. Food Expert

In a fast-food restaurant, food service employees are in charge of preparing the food, serving the customers, handling the payments, and keeping the place clean. They also work in the drive-through area, take orders over the radio, and make sure the kitchen gives diners the right food.

2. Busser 

Once a restaurant patron has left, the busser is in charge of cleaning up the table’s surroundings after the meal. They collect a visitor’s used plates, cups, and utensils from the table and take them to the dishwasher while upholding hygiene and cleaning requirements. Additionally, bussers may arrange the table for the following visitor by replenishing drink glasses, adding more napkins, and making sure there is an abundant supply of flatware.

3. Food Sprinter 

A “Food Sprinter” is in charge of bringing finished orders from the kitchen to diners. Additionally, they can inform the chef of any special requests made by guests, assist servers with order taking and water refills, and return messed-up dishes to the kitchen.

4. Clerk

A clerk is in charge of looking over a customer’s bill, taking their payment, and processing it. In addition, they might be in charge of coordinating reservations, seating customers, tipping other restaurant personnel, and packaging orders for takeout.

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5. A Dishwasher

Plates, utensils, glassware, kitchenware, and other tableware must be completely cleaned, disinfected, and sanitized in accordance with the specifications of the restaurant by the dishwashing worker. Additionally, they might be expected to sweep floors, execute various cleaning tasks around the restaurant, and empty the trash into a giant trash can.

6. Bartender

Barista staff members are in charge of taking clients’ coffee or tea orders, making the drinks, and keeping their equipment clean. Additionally, they routinely sell baked items, learn new methods for brewing coffee, and keep an eye on inventory levels to enable prompt supply replenishment when necessary.

7. Prepare Food

By cleaning ingredients, slicing vegetables, setting up designated workstations, and partially preparing meals that can be further cooked by a line cook as needed, a prep cook helps the kitchen staff. Salads and simple side dishes are common additional basic foods that prep cooks are in charge of.

8. Expediter

Food from the kitchen is delivered to guests by an expediter. They also keep an eye on the kitchen orders to make sure that cooks are prioritizing order tickets and that diners get their meals in a timely manner. Before waiters serve meals, expeditors also check that they are accurate. They may also add extra ingredients or sauces to a dish to suit a guest’s preferences.

9. Servant

A host or hostess is in charge of welcoming diners, running a waiting list, taking reservations, seating customers according to their arrival time and party size, disinfecting menus, and setting the table. Numerous hosts and hostesses also assist with to-go orders and answer incoming calls from guests.

10. Provider

A server is in charge of taking orders from customers, answering questions about the menu, recommending meals based on customers’ tastes, creating bills, and taking payments. To keep the table neat, they may refill a guest’s drinks and clear their plates and other utensils when they have done so. Additionally, servers may be required to inform kitchen personnel of order adjustments.

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Restaurant jobs in Canada with visa sponsorship offer an incredible opportunity for individuals looking to pursue a career in the culinary and hospitality industry while experiencing life in a diverse and vibrant country. With the promise of work permits and a chance to build a future in Canada, these positions can be a gateway to personal and professional growth.

So, if you have a passion for food and a desire to explore the Great White North, consider the many exciting restaurant job opportunities awaiting you in Canada. Your culinary adventure and Canadian dream could be just around the corner!



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