Top 5 Hotel Jobs In Canada With Free Visa Sponsorship

In Canada, the hotel industry has grown significantly in recent years, providing excellent employment prospects with a starting salary of 117,000 $CAD for newcomers.

With the government’s commitment to add over 10,000 hotel jobs by 2022 through the Canada Hotel Jobs project, which was launched in January, Canada has become a hub for job prospects. Additionally, Canada’s tourism industry has spent more than 100 billion Canadian dollars, giving the hotel business a significant boost.

The demand for hospitality experts has been rising significantly as foreign tourists continue to flock to the nation. As a result, Canadian hotel workers can expect to make 58,000 $CAD each year. There is no doubting that the hotel sector in Canada has a lot of promise and that people who are thinking about working in this business have bright futures ahead of them.

The Top 5 Hotel Management Positions in Canada

Try the following list of hotel jobs in Canada for international applicants if you’ve been looking for free visa and lodging employment in Canada. There are hundreds of job openings in the hospitality sector in Canada, but we’ve listed the top 5 and included a link for applying at the bottom of the post.

1. Lodging Manager 

In Canada, a lodging manager is in charge of managing the operations of accommodation facilities like hotels, motels, resorts, or bed & breakfasts. Their main objective is to guarantee that the lodging facility runs smoothly and effectively so that guests have a pleasant stay.

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2. Event Coordinator

In Canada, an event manager is essential to the successful planning, management, and execution of a variety of events, including conferences, weddings, business meetings, trade exhibits, festivals, and more. Their main duty is to see to it that events go off without a hitch, that the client’s goals are achieved, and that attendees have a good time.

3. Café Supervisor

In Canada, a café manager is in charge of managing the daily activities of a café to ensure that it serves clients in a kind and effective manner. They are in charge of supervising employees, allocating shifts, ordering supplies, keeping track of inventories, and ensuring quality and hygienic standards. Additionally, while ensuring that customers have a wonderful café experience, café managers can work together on menu creation, marketing campaigns, and customer service enhancements.

4. Director of Food & Beverage

Managing all facets of food and beverage service in a hotel, restaurant, or catering company, a food and beverage director plays a crucial role in Canada’s hospitality sector. They are in charge of developing menus, controlling spending, guaranteeing the availability of high-quality food and drinks, and maximizing profits through pricing tactics. They also oversee and develop workers, uphold health and safety standards, and collaborate with other departments to create outstanding dining experiences while achieving financial goals.

5. Chef/Cook

In Canada, a head chef is the culinary executive in charge of managing all kitchen operations in eateries, lodging facilities, or catering businesses. They are responsible for developing recipes, creating menus, and making sure that food is prepared consistently and with high quality. They oversee the hiring, training, and scheduling of the culinary crew as well as the enforcing of health and safety regulations. While keeping a creative approach to culinary services, head chefs also manage inventories, budgets, and supply orders. In addition to maintaining effective kitchen operations and adherence to health and safety laws, their goal is to provide great dining experiences.


Hotel jobs in Canada is one the easiest jobs you can get in Canada as an emigrant from any location in the world. All you are required is to get your credentials ready and kick start your job  application.

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